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                The Tidewater Drillers have a history of being one of the top organizations for travel baseball in the country. The Drillers were founded by Matt Sinnen and Gary Wright in 1994. Their goal was to build an organization with not only great young baseball players, but great young men. The Driller organization has produced numerous national championships, division one, and professional ballplayers. Most importantly, Driller coaches have developed hundreds of successful young men by requiring educational and social standards. All Driller players must maintain a minimum of 2.5 grade point average.
                 The Drillers start at 9u and continue through 18u teams, all of which are non-profit. Most teams are composed of boys from the Tidewater area (Southeastern Virginia). The strong tradition of success continues due to the amazing coaching experience of Driller coaches. Having major league stars such as Ryan Zimmerman of the Washington Nationals and Mark Reynolds of the Cleveland Indians shows how strong the Drillers organization has become over the last two decades.

Founded in 1994

​​Driller Board:
President Nelson Adcock​​
Vice President Gary Wright
Secretary Charlene Turner
Treasurer Jeff Fox

​Board of Directors: Matt Sinnen, Brian Holland, Chris Reckling, Larry McCreight​
Driller Alumni